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Bend Location Offset issue

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Apologies if this has been addressed, but I am a bit math/conceptually challenged here as a tube bending newbie. I'm using a post 2014 M600 with a 6.0 x 1.5 die on 1.5" DOM tubing and BendTech Pro software.

1) I went through the Bend Tech documented procedure to calibrate the die, coming up with a Bend Location Offset of -5.885 on a 30" piece of tube.

2) The BendTech die catalog says this die has a Bend Location Offset of -6.625

3) The RogueFab website chart says the Bend Location Offset of this die is -6.0

4) I've bent three main roll cage hoops with 4 bends 27 deg, 63 deg, 63 deg, 27 deg.

5) Using the calibrated offset of -5.885 on the first one the result was so crazy I won't go into detail. 

6. Using the Bend Tech die catalog offset of -6.625, the hoop ended up 2.5" wider than it measured in the Bend Tech software. Instead of 52" wide outside measurement, it was 54.5.

Question - will using a Bend Location Offset of -6.0 as shown on Rogue's website chart correct this? Thank you.

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We have posted this in another sections of the forum but I will drop it here too. As long as bend tech is calibrated properly that offset mislabel will not be a issue. You will be calibrating your bend to Bendtech and be good to go. Also if your version of Bendtech reads the bender as a 2014 it is a update or two behind. The update should read as 2015+ on the software now and have the updated 6.00 offset. Hit me up with a email at if anyone has questions. - Josh in customer service

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We put some pressure on Bend Tech right after your post and got them to update the default offsets. I cant imagine why the calibrated offset wouldn't be right. I just ran test calibrations last week and the ones I did came within 1/16" of the default catalog offsets. 


Clamp block slipping and putting the line behind the clamp block will both mess up bend locations. 


We recommend bending from centerline out. You can rearrange the bends in bend tech.