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1st time in years.....
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1st time in years.....

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I havnt participated in an online forum in well over a decade. I always wanted to see the birth of one. 

My name is Thomas R. I live and work in Colorful Colorado. I'm a professional mechanic that dabbles in fabrication because I find it fun. I've worked on everything from luxury cars to plow trucks with a few oddballs along the way. I'd like to learn as much as I can about fabrication as its one of my favorite problem solvers. 

My main hobbies include RC scale trucks, classic cars, 4x4 toyotas/fullsize, karts and dirt bikes. I've built parts for all of the above. Some of which can be seen on my IG, @cotterpinettiquette 

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Welcome to the forum, Thomas. I have always liked the 'searchability' of forums and lack of drama over social media. You're definitely here at the ground level (birth) of this place!


Can't wait to see some of the RC, full size, kart, and dirt scooter parts you make!

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It was a wonderful chance to visit this kind of site and I am happy to know all about it.